Our Commitments

We are the voice of Chicago’s NWS and we stand in solidarity with black and brown folks and those most affected by racism. We live and work and are creating community on Chicago’s Northwest Side and we are committed to the transformation of our neighborhoods into antiracist, authentically diverse communities where everyone who lives, works or visits our neighborhoods will experience a sense of compassion, welcome and equity.

We are committed to rooting out racism in our schools, workplaces, community and organizations. We are committed to fostering inviting and welcoming spaces in our neighborhood parks, community spaces and businesses.

  • The NWS Coalition Against Racism and Hate will join with other organizations across the city, especially on Chicago’s South and West side in working for racial justice, police and criminal justice reform, equity in education, and racial integration in the city of Chicago.
  • The NWS Coalition Against Racism and Hate denounces community members and organizations who promote racism with their words and/or actions. We take local action to mitigate and transform our communities fostering an environment for justice.
  • The NWS Coalition Against Racism and Hate insists we tell the truth about the history of systemic racism that has contributed to the segregation of our city and disparity of our city’s resources.
  • The NWS Coalition Against Racism and Hate prioritizes the promotion of racial justice education, equal access to resources and equity in our communities for people of every race/ethnicity.